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A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Online Coaching with Anisa Honor

Meet Anisa

Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Coach trained. Certified Trauma Informed Care Practitioner, Domestic Violence Counselor, Crisis Interventionist. ACE's Aware, Director of Not Alone Ministries.

As a woman of faith, and a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, I  have overcome my struggles and continue to triumph in my trauma trials. My Complex Trauma is now in my rear view window, (not forgotten but embraced).


Learning to love myself and identify who I am through my faith was pivotal in getting me on a path of healing.


Managing my Chronic pain and autoimmune struggles was key to being transformed by the renewing of my mind. Accepting my past hurts and adopting a new perception of my current circumstances has allowed me to create a more fulfilling and happy life.


As a "Trauma Informed Spiritual Coach" and a "Domestic Violence Counselor", and a "DV/SA Crisis Interventionist" I am committed to support you as you take a leap of faith into your healing journey.


How can you honor your soul today?

What does walking in your destined steps look like to you? 


What are the secrets to having a life full of abundance?


What I Specialize In

Life, Wellness, and Spiritual Coaching

Trauma Informed Care

SART Crisis Interventionist

DV/SA Counseling

Ministry Director of Not Alone

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The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Love Through Jesus Christ. Begin Your Journey Today.

“Thanks to Anisa, I was able to progress on goals that I struggled with for years! She is an awesome coach!”

- Shahlaa

“I truly want to say that my experience with the sessions I've had were amazing.”

- Gary

“I have been able to overcome many things that were holding me back because of Anisa!”

- Nadine

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